Welcome to Creative Tutoring 180

Blog and Twitter Photo   Hi, my name is Chris Nowotarski. I am an educator and the founder of Creative Tutoring 180! I have been passionate about learning and helping children to learn most of my life! When my own children were small I ran and operated a home daycare business. This helped me to stay at home  with my own children and still contribute to my family financially as well as provide a helpful service to my community. This spurred my love of teaching and as my children grew older I went back to college and received my degree in elementary education. I have worked as a paraprofessional in several different school districts, as a teacher in the private school environment and as a teacher in the public school environment. Several years ago I went back to college and received a certificate as a Paralegal. I have always loved the law and decided it was the right time to take a break from teaching and engage in some learning of my own! There is pure joy in being a lifetime learner and this is the message I am on a mission to share. After receiving my Paralegal studies certificate I began tutoring and found that it allowed me freedom and creativity of expression in teaching on a whole new level and this is how Creative Tutoring 180 came into being! I have found tutoring so satisfying because tutors can have such a profound place in a student’s life. So, welcome to my journey! I am creating this space as a place for educators, parents, and tutors to share ideas and help each other and ultimately the children we encounter!


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